Who the hell is KidBTC well I am James who was the creator of BTCAddict back when and a Bitcoin Miner, I have been involved in many projects over the years mostly I.T. releated, security, Network, Systems Administration and Web Portal / Search Engines.

my background led me into this crypto currency space back in 2010 one year after BTC hit the street, I was not sure what all this was about and the movement but I was a bit adventureous and what the hell lets check it out!

I am not putting this info out for any reason just for the hell of it .. I'm a just a tech geek like you and have fun with computer stuff. My reasons for putting out the website is to help others no one is paying to do this. I have been in the tech space since 1994, so I have seen alot of interesting things like the up and down of geocities, tech bubbles on the stock market, and more .. now we have this new exciting thing called Bitcoin a brave new world of financial independence for all.

In my opinion this is quite exciting, we also have electric cars from Tesla and so much more. We truly have a lot of innovation in the world and much to be proud of as human kind goes forward into the future.

If you wanna help out and build this site with me get in touch ..

some of my skillset is

Web and Network

Microsoft Server 2008/10/12

Electrical Engineering

BlackBerry BIS / BES

Stellar Phoenix

Active Directory

Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu

Cacti Network App

Mac OS X / IOS


MS Exchange 2013



Whatsup Pro
Android OS

Cisco Pix
Fluke Network Tools
BlackBerry OS

PHP My Admin

Backup Exec

Computer security

SANS – Computer Security     2018
Sec542 - Web App Penetration, Ethical Hacking
For504 - Hacker Tools, Tech, Exploits, Incident Handling
For507 - Risk Assessment
Sec617 -Wireless Ethical Hacking
For524-cloud security
For500 - Windows Digit Forensics and Advanced Data Triage
For401 – Network Concepts

Electrical Engineering

PLC Software Programming used:
Siemens Portal Step 7 v14 – Function Block, HSC counters
Graph Trending, Sub routines
Allan Bradley (Rockwell – Studio 5000) ladder logic
Analog to Digital Networking

PLC hardware used and Wired with:
Allan Bradley Compact Logix
Allan Bradley  PowerFlex 525
Terminal Blocks used for both platforms
Siemens CSM Simatic NET S7 - 1200, Siemens Switches
VFD (variable frequency drive) GS1 – Automation Direct
3 Phase Motor Control
Omacron timers, ice cube relays, proximity sensors, limit switches
Remote I/O Networking, HMI, HMI Interface, Networking
TLS-G02 Safety Gate




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