some hardware we used for Mining
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Back when we used to have a bunch of these badboys lol they mae a alien sound and looked pretty cool in the dark. We ran them for a while .. found the PSU s died a lot ended up getting regular PC PSU's to replace them .. not the best quality product on the market but fun none the less. One thing I can say for these asic miners they did not go down oftenpretty solid design for the miners them selves.

Next on the list Script Mining PCs - we tried to run these PCs with good specs for the time period the Graphic Cards were a big thing so we grabbed AMD 7990 6 gig card which was a work horse but liked to over heat ! lol all the damn time so we had to look for ways to keep it cool. we tried running some fans blowing air on them , Fail tried putting the PC by te door at -20 degree weather not bad but still overheated. Then we resorted to under volting and placing by the door finnaly it started to behave.

Next Some of the PC Designs we had running for the time of the project the Main boards were Asus x79 and Gigabyte that could accept 3 Video Cards, we also ran AMD290X cards, which never over heated which was good but they were not as hard working as the 7990. We ran 3 290X cards in one PC no issues. We maxed out the MAchines on ram 64 Gig ram and used Gskill Ram never had a problem with those ones. 
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