Little more on Hardware
May 19th, 2019 3:54 pm     A+ | a-
We found that certain parts worked better than others as far as the PSUs Seasonic worked pretty good for us at least. They provided good quality cables and the 80 plu versions  Gold Series seemed to last well under pressure.  I liked the breaded type of good quality cables never failed on us.

Here is a few more views of the PC builds we ran, it was important o have alot of fans we also bought 20 inch steel fans made by Lasko. These things were bullet proof they could push air up to 40 feet, I would recommend them to anyone they were great I actually kept a few for after the project. they worked so well. We used them to push air on to the Intake of the Tera Miners which we had to try and keep at a steady 70 degrees - 75 or they would overheat so not productive restarting all the time. 

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