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So I have been hearing all kinds of sides on why its good and bad, but really if you look at it from the outside its a good thing for miners .. kind of like a fresh start. hows that? well the complexity is low, the fees are low and it has room to grow, that also means alot fo older hardware might be able to mine it. I know there is a controversy regarding the whos and where fores .. but mining has come to a slow because BTC complexity is too high for most miners and far too costly. Dragon miner is the only one with 16 th now and thats pretty crazy to say the least. 

We all love Bitcoin and we would not be here cheering on our favorite coin of the day if it was not for Satoshi, so lets see this for what it is .. a second chance to mine and make a few bucks .. BCH is not all bad .. and from what. I hear the programmers are pretty good and have our best intererst in mind. 

Another thing I am hearing is the fees are high on Bitcoin, well lets figure this one out .. 1 Bitcoin is worth $10,000 CAD and $8000.00 USD - does it not seem like a little fees go a long way? well maybe not .. we all want to keep our money and not give any of it away lol. Its really just human nature to be a little greedy after a while. Having said that we will always see some upkeep costs for the growing network and it cant be for free.

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